Crunchy Mama Keyrings started it all!

I fell in love with the simple elegance of the breastfeeding logo years ago when I sat in on La Leche League meetings with my little one.  It represented sweet days of time with my baby and the triumph of overcoming many difficulties.  Many a new mom can relate to those weary early days when nothing seems to work, then that magic moment when baby begins to latch on correctly, drink deep and finally sleep satisfied with a full belly of mama’s milk.  Many moms have no issues at all, with babies that seem to follow their instincts and feed vigorously just like the textbooks say.  Some moms (and I was one of them) seemed to run into every obstacle imaginable, and it was their success that encouraged me to keep nursing my baby to six weeks, to six months, to a year, and longer!  What a thrill!

Breastfeeding Keyring
Breastfeeding Keyring 

I hope that this little breastfeeding mother and baby keyring is as meaningful to you as it is to me! I’ve built a whole line of Crunchy Mama keyrings, but this one was the first and it will always be my favorite!


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